Here’s just a bit from what my clients are saying

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Mr. Sullivan was extremely professional and works at an incredible pace. He helped me during a hard time in my life and treated my situations if it were gaping to himself. I would undoubtedly use him again in the future. A true cut above the rest!


A former employee of the company I own went rouge and stole many of our customers accounts. When a police report was made against him, he tried to get a restraining order against me. Shaun guided me through the whole process, was knowledgeable about it, and gave me confidence in the case. Ultimately the judge denied any and all claims against me and did not even grant a temporary restraining order (almost never heard of) thanks to Shaun. He is honest and will work hard for his clients.


Shaun Anderson Sullivan represented me in a high profile criminal case. He and his team did an outstanding job presenting my case, which resulted in a speedy trial, and a verdict of Not Guilty. He listened carefully to all input I had to offer, and kept me, as well as my family, very informed throughout the process. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance.


Quality lawyer you can trust! I had a strategy in mind to beat my case and sure enough Shaun executed it perfectly and was able to get the case dismissed. Give him a call!


Was charged with felony criminal threat. Mr. Sullivan reviewed the phone records in my case and discovered that some evidence against me had been tampered with. That allowed us to resolve everything to my highest expectation, and the DA dropped the felony. Professionalism, presentation, made me feel comfortable through the whole process. Would highly recommend. Almost made me feel like a family member. Again, thank you to Mr. Sullivan and his wonderful staff!


I called Shaun for a D.U.I. case in November he was extremely professional was able to help me with everything I had questions with, along with being very knowledgeable with the court lingo. He was able to make it understandable to me while being able to tell me step by step on how to correctly go about taking care of my problems. I would highly recommend Mr. Shaun Sullivan to anyone looking for a lawyer


I would definitely recommend Shaun to anyone because of the great speedy and professional service he provides to each of his clients. Won my case thanks to him and his team 🙂


Shaun stepped into a traumatic and literal “life or death” legal issue for a loved one. He did so on a moment’s notice and worked like lightening. Shaun stayed in constant contact with me, and the issue was resolved in a matter of hours. His legal acumen and personal connections made for a swift and positive outcome. He genuinely cares about his clients, and he works tirelessly to help them. My family is forever in his debt. Shaun is one of the White Hats in this world. If he accepts your case, you’ll be lucky to have him as your lawyer.


Shaun Anderson Sullivan is a wonderful attorney! I called his message service and he got back to me the same day on a Sunday (no less)! He is very prepared and has a wonderful disposition! He helped me with a issue I had with a retail neighbor who had just moved in. My establishment had been there 14 years. The new neighbor broke their lease agreement, as we had an exclusive on bath and body products in the building. When I notified my property manager regarding the issue, the neighbor retaliated by filing a restraining order saying I held her against her will while she did a pedicure. Though the temporary restraining order was denied, they still wanted to go to court. Shaun was so prepared I never had to utter one word to the judge. Shaun is very personable, professional, and an amazing attorney. I would recommend him completely! A 15 out of 10. A+++.