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Shaun Sullivan

I’ve been working on trials for over twenty years. At first I was my father’s right hand man. He passed away during my first year as an attorney, and I represented many of the clients he left behind. Because of my father’s tutelage, I won my first life-sentence trial when I was 28. I feel at home in the courtroom, and I love to be in trial.

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Mr Sullivan is one of the most professional men I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet, Inside and out of the courtroom. From day one I knew I was in good hands. I was full of confidence, felt safe and Shaun had my back the whole way through! Highly recommend! Shaun Sullivan for the win!!!

Jason A.

I can speak only highly of this outstanding person, fine gentleman, and superior lawyer. My case dragged for almost two years, and at the end, the District Attorney (DA) had no choice but to ask the Judge to dismiss the case. Believe it or not, he was a bit disappointed that the DA folded. My advocate had already sharpened the long knives and was ready to go to battle for me. Just like that: Case Dismissed. I walked out of court feeling redeemed and breathing easier.
Do yourself a favor; if you ever find yourself in need of a true life-changing professional, call the best, call my lawyer.

Ricardo E.

Shaun and his team are the best out there. They make you apart of the family and your case a serious as if they where on trial. I would not be able to write this review if it was not for them. Thank you Shaun for everything you did for me and my family.

Robert N.

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